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Who I am


my name is Carolin and I'm an independent mathematical scientist. I work as freelancer on topics around It-security, Decentralized networks, Online privacy & Anonymity and Censorship circumvention with mathematical (Cryptography, Algebra, Number Theory) focus. For cross-subsidization of my research work I do digital strategy consulting for companies of different branches and sizes, worldwide.

I grew up with the first affordable home computers, started coding with 14 years, have worked on software projects, contribute to open source and privacy protecting projects, started my own digital business and have had the possibility to learn a lot about Industry 4.0 & Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Mobile market, Social media & Online marketing, Online Security and Online Privacy & Data Protection finally to be able to help you with my broad digital knowledge.

For more information about me, look at my CV as pdf and contact me by email!



Offline and Online Workshops
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A short project of the size of only a few hours
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A pure online based consulting and coaching
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A bigger, classic, long term project
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Digital strategy consulting is not only telling you how you can use modern technologies to improve your business. It is also a kind of lifestyle and a daily using thing, so also to do consulting by modern communication ways belongs to it.

For all my consulting and workshops, apart from classical offline in-person meetings, I also support modern possibilities, like communication apps with privacy focus.

Don't be afraid of modern technologies! The best way to understand it and its influences, is to use it. I will guide and help you to bring out the best in it for you.

Consulting languages: German, English


In the following, you can find several ways to contact me. The easiest way to reach me is email. I'm only rarely available for spontaneous phone calls.

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Carolin Zöbelein
Josephsplatz 8
90403 Nürnberg

+49.160 / 3482513

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